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Irene Brekke

We were working on core stabilization in my Pilates class at the studio today and I was remind of a situation. My mom who is in her 70s also attends the studio and has for years doing seniors Pilates. We were at a basketball game when I put out my hand to help her and her two friends up from the bleachers.  The first woman needed a lot of support, the second used me for balance and my mother needed no support. Her balance and strength was so apparent. I can only aspire to have the strength and stability she has at her age. Thank you Pilates and the studio.

– Tracey Bilsky

I am so grateful I found your excellent Rise & Shine Pilates class! I started in September and in just a bit more than two months I have lost over 20 pounds! But that is just the cherry on top. The real benefits I have noticed are how much stronger I have become and how much better my balance is. The quality of my walks has improved, feeling my much stronger legs carrying me much more efficiently, not to mention the excellent balance I now have when walking on icy sidewalks.
I have been intrigued by Joseph Pilates’ quote “In 10 sessions, you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, in 30 sessions you’ll have a different body” ever since I saw it on your website, wondering if it could be true – well, not quite 20 sessions in, I am living proof that it works!
Thanks again for doing what you do!
– Karin Svec

Ann, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the seniors Pilates classes, not only are they fun, but extremely functional. The balance and core stability I have gained gives me a lot more confidence when I am cross country skiing on our fast icy trails
– Irene Brekke.

I wanted to send an email to let you know how much I am enjoying the Pilates springs classes I am taking. I have spent my life being active, moving my body and participating in all sorts of classes and activities both organized and self directed. I think I enjoy the springs classes more than any other class I have ever done, and that includes all the dance training I did as a child and adult. I m blown away by the specificity of the exercises, the immediate response from my body and the really noticeable changes taking place in my muscles. I came to Pilates because I have let my fitness get away from me over the last few years. Sore shoulders, sore knees and an increasingly bad back motivated me to strengthen what I have before the damage becomes too big a barrier. Pilates has, in a few short months, provided me with terrific results. My back pain has reduced in severity and frequency and I can FEEL the improvement in both my strength and flexibility with each passing week of classes. Thank you, and special thanks to Monique for her skill as a teacher. I really love how pilates is changing my body.
– Deborah Turner-Davis

Pilates is the ideal exercise for seniors. Participating in Pilates has increased my core and overall strength, flexibility and balance. This activity is fun, challenges my limits and keeps me active. Thanks to Ann and the studio for providing Pilates for Seniors, an exercise program I love.
– Elvira Knaack

During my last physio appointment my therapist commented that my spine feels younger, is flexible and my posture has really improved.   She mentioned how easily she should move my shoulders and neck and that the physio manipulations that used to be so painful are now almost pain-free. She said if someone could feel the difference in my spine from a year ago to now they would start taking Pilates classes. I asked her if the improvement is a combination of physio and Pilates and she said that both are beneficial but the Pilates exercises are having a significant, positive impact. In an earlier physio session she mentioned the increased strength in my arms.
– Marilyn Seaman

The studio is an incredibly inspiring place with a talented team of dedicated individuals. Pilates has increased my core strength and my overall body strength and worked muscles I didn’t know I had. We are very fortunate to have access to these activities in an environment like the studio.
– Wendy Tayler

I started Pilates mat work at the studio in April thinking it would help with my training for the bike relay race in June. The exercises greatly improved my balance and positioning on my bike. By race time I was able to touch my toes for the first time in 30 years!
– Stephen Phillips

I have been healthy and fit most of my life, teaching school and taking many holidays on big trips abroad, both of which needed stamina and included a lot of walking. Also, over the years, I have done a lot of rambling and sightseeing over rough terrain here at home, with my camera.
Recently, I have developed painful osteoarthritis and COPD. This has had a devastating effect on my lifestyle. A friend suggested that I try Pilates, which she said just might give me some stamina and help me keep fit. I had never even heard of the word Pilates!
I was anxious at my first session because I am no athlete, but realized very quickly that it was the program for me. The instructor is fantastic, explaining the philosophy of Pilates, showing concern, giving detailed instructions and demonstrations, and taking a very keen interest in each participant. She obviously loves it!
In the short time that I have been attending (20 sessions) I have felt small improvements in flexibility without so much pain, and I am able to do most of the exercises (albeit not perfectly) now in the Beginners’ Program.
I soon found that all I had to do was concentrate intently and listen carefully to the detailed instructions necessary in order to build up my core. A big surprise was the slight but gradual lessening in the clicking and grinding of bones and the stiffness and deep pain in my tendons and muscles.
I am back doing daily walks, although much shorter distances, with less pain and with the aid of a cane. I hope that it continues! Going to Pilates certainly will! Maybe, just maybe, someday I might be able to do one of those nature hikes again, or better still, another long trip to some remote area abroad!
– Ruth Armson

I’ve felt such an incredible change since beginning Pilates a few years ago. Now I cannot imagine my life without it. I’m totally hooked! The studio offers a wide range of classes and a variety of levels. The staff is amazing. It feels comfortable and welcoming and yet challenging and encourages me to push myself.
– Odette Burns

Thought I would let you know that my chiropractor thanks you and Pilates. I went to my “after half marathon” torture session at my chiropractor yesterday and she was pleasantly surprised. The last half marathon I ran was in June and my neck and upper back not to mention legs, ankles etc were a total mess, it took her quite a few weeks to get the ‘mess’ back under control. I went in this time and fully expected her to say ‘why do you keep doing this to yourself’ and instead she said ‘wow, there’s some tightness but nothing compared to the last time’.   The only difference between this race and the one in June was Pilates. (I can’t attribute it to better training, since I really didn’t train for this run either… oops).  My core was simply that much stronger that I was able to concentrate on and maintain good form through the whole race. Thank you so much.
– Liz Clubine

Because of Pilates classes I have taken at the studio, my body is coming alive. It’s beyond wonderful to have a mind/body connection. I walk taller and more proudly. I feel good to be alive. I am impressed and happy with what I see in the mirror. And, even better, I no longer have a negative attitude. And that’s with a mere two 1-hour Pilates class per week! I am so impressed with Pilates.
– Marilee Greye

I started Pilates at the suggestion of my physiotherapist to improve my running and it’s been the best advice ever! The reformer classes at the studio with Anne are incredible, very enjoyable with big results. In the few short months my strength has increased dramatically, my waist slimmed, arms and legs are stronger and more defined. I am a Pilates convert for life.
– Tina Woodland

Hi Ann, this class was awesome, thanks for suggesting it. Lauren is great. Both Sleena and I enjoyed the class!
– Chris Bedford

Top marks to the studio for it’s very qualified and knowledgeable staff, variety of classes and excellent Pilates equipment. It was a pleasure to teach STOTT pilates instructor training in this vibrant and welcoming facility.
– Tessa Crofton, STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer, Owner – West Coast Pilates & Health, Victoria B.C.