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Ann Asquith – Program Director

Ann is a fully certified STOTT ® Pilates Practitioner; Fletcher® Pilates Licensed Practitioner in Fletcher Floorwork®, Fletcher Barrework® & Fletcher Towelwork®; Stretch Therapist and ZENGA® Instructor with over twelve years teaching experience.

Ann is following in her mother’s footsteps in that her mother taught Pilates in England over fifty five years ago. Ann was reintroduced to Pilates again thirteen years ago and realized at the age of 50 what she was meant to do with her life, this resulted in her taking early retirement from her position as Branch Manager of TD Canada Trust, here in Whitehorse, and taking her Pilates certification. In the process, Ann lost nearly 50 lbs and has never regretted her decision!

Ann is a passionate believer in professional development, both for herself and the team at the studio. Her particular field of interest in seniors’ health and fitness and has taken many courses including the following:

– Injuries & Special Populations 

– Shoulder Girdle: Stability & Function

– Lumbar Pelvic Region: Stability & Function

– Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

– Scoliosis Management

– Injuries & Special Populations

– Osteoarthritis & Pilates

– Pilates for the Older Adult

– Physiology & Anatomy of Movement

Ann specializes in working with seniors and clients who are pre and post-surgery as well as those requiring rehabilitation after injuries and illness. Most of Ann’s private clients come to her through referrals from specialists, doctors and physiotherapists.

Ann is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. Ann teaches both private, semi-private and group apparatus and matwork Pilates classes. Ann is the program director of the studio.

Iris Binger

Iris is a Yukon based dancer, choreographer and mother to five. Iris graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2012 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance and studied at York University Contemporary Dance Program for two years. Passionate about dance from an early age, Iris has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Pointe Work, African Dance, Burlesque and many other forms of dance. In 2014, she was awarded the Advanced Artist Award to study at the Alvin Alley Dance Theater in New York. She has partnered with Leaping Feats Creative Danceworks and Northern Lights School of Dance on a variety of Projects and has experience teaching a wide variety of dance styles to students of all ages.

Lauren Haney

Born and raised in the Yukon, Lauren was introduced to Pilates through dance over 15 years ago. Lauren is a STOTT PILATES® Certified Teacher and has pursued supplementary training in Standing Pilates and Pre & Post Natal Pilates. She is also a certified Stretch Therapy teacher and is passionate about the power of stretch to unlock the body’s mobility. Lauren integrates elements of her dance and movement background into a unique class and she’s constantly refining her material – you’ll never take the same class twice!

Lauren has a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University in Sweden.  She also has a Bachelor’s in Natural Science with a minor in Dance from University of Calgary.  Lauren has a special interest in West African dance and has studied it for many years.  Lauren’s classes fill almost immediately so please don’t hesitate about registering.

Liz Gilbert

Liz began her fitness career in Yellowknife in 1998 and has now come full circle, landing in the North again! Her family moved to Whitehorse four years ago from Ottawa where she taught for the RCMP and Goodlife Fitness. In 2010, she was recognized as one of Goodlife’s top ten fitness instructors of the year and was awarded the RCMP’s Jean Bonneau Fitness & Lifestyle award for her work developing and delivering the National Headquarters fitness program. Liz completed the “Pilates Method” certification in 2003 and added Canfitpro’s Mind/Body Fitness Instructor certification and Fusion in 2007. She is passionate about Pilates and has continued to keep up her education through STOTT PILATES®workshops and courses and by studying under other instructors. A speciality of Liz is  sport-specific training for hockey and golf. For the past three years she has been the dry land trainer for the Whitehorse Mustang girls hockey team and the girls Canada Games hockey team. Liz is also a certified Spin, TRX®, Trigger Point® (body rolling), and  group fitness instructor. For fun Liz road cycles, mountain bikes and is a member of two dragon boat teams.

To learn more about Liz please visit her website at

Melissa Pierson

Melissa is a STOTT®  Certified Pilates Teacher at the Essential, Intermediate & Advanced levels in matwork (the only teacher in our studio to have this advanced level of certification) and at the Essential & Intermediate level in the Reformer.  Melissa is also a Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist and a ZENGA® qualified Instructor (ZENGA is a mind body movement drawing on many different modalities using the very latest in exercise science research on connective tissue –fascia). She was introduced to Pilates due to a long term shoulder injury that made little healing progress through physiotherapy. She was instantly amazed by the numerous benefits of Pilates and became a “true believer” in the Pilates method. She has always had a passion to live an active lifestyle by enjoying outdoor forms of exercise and swimming competitively in the past.

Monique Romeiko

Monique has been teaching Pilates for over twenty years, starting in Toronto in 1993. She is a fully certified Pilates trainer in the Polestar method. Polestar is the Pilates method often favoured by physiotherapists.

Prior to teaching at the studio Monique taught and danced in Montreal for over ten years. Monique’s Pilates classes are inspired by a wide variety of movement principles: Ballet, Modern and Contemporary dance, Improvisation, Axis Syllabus, as well as, different physical training modalities such as Classical Pilates, STOTT PILATES®, Yoga, Gyrotonics, and Irene Dowd exercises. She draws on her diverse array of skills and influences to assist her clients in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Monique has completed Pathokinesiology of the Lumbar Spine, Neurological Rehabilitation, and Osteoporosis rehabilitation courses with Polestar Pilates, as well as numerous STOTT PILATES® continuing education courses. Monique helps private clients who require physical rehabilitation, pre and post-surgery clients and those who enjoy a private class.

Monique’s classes are creative and fun, but be prepared to work hard! Her ‘studio class’ is a combination of Pilates work on the Reformer, Chair, Springs and Matwork. This class is much sought after and fills quickly.

Monique enseigne également en français!

Mykaela Lamke

Mykaela is a STOTT® certified Pilates Instructor and has been teaching for over five years. She is fully certified in Total Barre® and Level I and II for the RAD Roller. She enjoys helping students feel more comfortable in their bodies and how Pilates helps people to move effectively and efficiently, allowing us to improve our daily life. You can expect a very welcoming, positive atmosphere with no judgements in her classes. Mykaela ensures that the client has an energizing workout but also takes things slowly enough that clients fully understand the intention behind the movement. Outside of work, Mykaela has a passion for natural medicine, is an animal lover, a photographer, an outdoor enthusiast, a raw vegan chef and history buff. Join her for a mindful Pilates session that will leave you energized and more in tune with your body! Mykaela has been teaching in Victoria for the past two years but clients of the studio will remember her Circuit Matwork classes which were very very popular!

Rebel rebel-2Morrison

Rebel is a STOTT® certified Pilates Practitioner with over five years teaching experience.  Rebel is an extremely imaginative teacher who rarely teaches the same class twice, she teaches a wide range of clients and has an extremely loyal following here at the studio. Rebel is continuously upgrading her education and certification and clients will benefit from her increased knowledge in the following areas:

  • Athletic Conditioning, both matwork & apparatus
  • Rotational Disc Pilates
  • Intensive Sculpting Challenges
  • Superior Balance Pilates
  • Pilates with Props, including the medicine ball and foam roller

Rebel is a born and bred Yukoner who owns her own trapline! She is passionate about Pilates and feels that ‘Pilates can help all different sizes and shapes and fitness levels’. Rebel’s classes are much sought after and fill quickly.


Multifidus Asquith, better known as Tifi is a Golden Doodle i.e. she is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. Tifi is named after the multifidus muscle which fills the groove that runs on either side of the spinous processes of the vertebrae of the spinal column.  Ann would like you to know that she did not name Tifi but now that she is named, she cannot think of another name which would suit Tifi better!  Tifi works almost every day at the studio and invariably every client coming through the door will greet her before they greet anyone else.  She is very shy and likes to approach you rather than vice versa; however, once she has met you – you are her friend for life!  Tifi has been studying Pilates since she was eight weeks old and is now practicing at an intermediate level.


Cocoa Bean Asquith, known as Cocoa was named by Ann’s granddaughter, Olivya, who was present at her birth. Cocoa has lovely brown curly hair with green eyes and Olivya thought that she looked like the colour of hot cocoa. Cocoa is one of Tifi’s puppies but unlike her mother is not taking to Pilates as well and is showing a decided leaning towards Yoga. Cocoa can be seen practising her Downward Dog most days of the week in the studio!