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Ann Asquith – Program Director,

Certified Pilates Teacher

Ann is a fully certified STOTT  Pilates ® Practitioner ; Fletcher Pilates Licensed Practitioner in Fletcher Floorwork®, Fletcher Barrework® & Fletcher Towelwork®; a Stretch Therapy Teacher and ZENGA® Instructor with over sixteen years teaching experience.

Ann is following in her mother’s footsteps in that her mother taught Pilates in England over sixty years ago. Ann was reintroduced to Pilates again sixteen years ago and realized at the age of 50 what she was meant to do with her life, this resulted in her taking early retirement from her position as Branch Manager of TD Canada Trust, here in Whitehorse, and taking her Pilates certification. In the process, Ann lost nearly 50 lbs and has never regretted her decision!

Ann is a passionate believer in professional development, both for herself and the team at the studio. Her particular field of interest is in seniors’ health and fitness and has taken many courses including the following:

– Injuries & Special Populations 

– Shoulder Girdle: Stability & Function

– Lumbar Pelvic Region: Stability & Function

– Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

– Scoliosis Management

– Osteoarthritis & Pilates

– Pilates for the Older Adult

– Physiology & Anatomy of Movement

Ann specialises in working with seniors and clients who are pre and post-surgery as well as those requiring rehabilitation after injuries and illness. Most of Ann’s private clients come to her through referrals from specialists, doctors and physiotherapists.

Ann is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. Ann teaches both private, semi-private and group apparatus and matwork Pilates classes. Ann is the program director of the studio.

Iris Binger – Certified Pilates Teacher

Iris is a Yukon based dancer, choreographer and mother to five. Iris graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2012 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance and studied at York University Contemporary Dance Program.

Passionate about dance from an early age, Iris has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Pointe Work, African Dance, Burlesque and many other forms of dance. In 2014, she was awarded the Advanced Artist Award to study at the Alvin Alley Dance Theater in New York. She has partnered with Leaping Feats Creative Danceworks and Northern Lights School of Dance on a variety of projects and has extensive experience teaching a wide variety of dance styles to students of all ages. Iris has taught Burlesque classes at the studio and they were a roaring success and were filled within hours!

Iris was introduced to Pilates through her dance training and decided that she wanted to teach Pilates because of her passion for movement. Her Pilates teacher training includes the Essential and Intermediate Matwork studies with STOTT Pilates®. Iris loves helping clients enrich their lives through Pilates. Along with Iris’ appreciation for dance, Pilates, theatre and the arts, she loves food and wine! 

Joie Quarton – Certified Pilates Teacher

Joie has been doing Pilates for about ten years and still finds that it is never boring and always makes her feel like her body can move easily and with strength! She also finds it to be a great balance to her other work doing conflict management for the Yukon Government. She hopes to keep doing it until she is old and greyer!

Joie is certified through Peak Pilates of Boulder, Colorado. 

Kelly Wanner – Certified Pilates Teacher

Kelly has been a student of Pilates for over seven years and originally came to the studio to help regain flexibility in her ankles after a fall resulting  in a serious bi-lateral break in both ankles. Kelly loved the way Pilates made her feel mentally and of course physically. Kelly is a STOTT Pilates ®Certified Instructor in both Essential and Intermediate Matwork and Essential & Intermediate Reformer. Kelly enjoys working with clients to become their best selves. Kelly believes that in order to get to where you want to go you need to get started and Kelly is the perfect teacher to help you! 

Lauren Haney – Certified Pilates Teacher

Born and raised in the Yukon, Lauren was introduced to Pilates through dance over 15 years ago. Lauren is a STOTT Pilates ® Certified Teacher and has pursued supplementary training in Standing Pilates and Pre & Post Natal Pilates. She is also a certified Stretch Therapy teacher and is passionate about the power of stretch to unlock the body’s mobility. Lauren integrates elements of her dance and movement background into a unique class and she’s constantly refining her material – you’ll never take the same class twice!

Lauren has a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University in Sweden.  She also has a Bachelor’s in Natural Science with a minor in Dance from University of Calgary.  Lauren has a special interest in West African dance and has studied it for many years.  Lauren’s classes fill almost immediately so please don’t hesitate about registering.

Lorraine Taillefer – Certified Pilates TeacherLorraine

Lorraine is a long-time northerner who has lived in Whitehorse for fifteen years. She discovered her passion for Pilates as a student when she moved to the Yukon and has been a STOTT® Certified Pilates Instructor for close to ten years. She continues to develop her skills through a variety of training and loves sharing her passion for Pilates and health with clients. Lorraine likes to use a scaffolding approach when teaching and supports her clients as they pursue their fitness goals. Lorraine is a long-time teacher and has just retired from Education. She looks forward to spending more time teaching Pilates and sharing her passion with her clients. We are so glad to have her back on the studio team now that she has some spare time!

Nicole Muir – Certified Pilates Teacher

A few years ago Nicole decided that nature was going to be her gym that was until she was introduced to Pilates! After a few months of practising, it was obvious that the Pilates exercises were making a noticeable difference, and she was hooked! Nicole firmly believes that Pilates doesn’t just belong in the studio and feels that each client takes what they have learned with them, applying their new skills in their posture, their breathing and in their awareness of their body. You can find Nicole enjoying the trails around Whitehorse running, hiking, biking or skiing with her dog Grizz. She believes that education is powerful and applies this principle in her day job as a high school teacher. She is looking forward to combining her love of teaching and Pilates, as she joins the team at the studio. Nicole is certified through STOTT Pilates®

Olive Morland – Certifed Pilates Teacher

Olive was introduced to Pilates when she took the Administrative position at the studio in 2013. Olive enjoys how Pilates makes her mind and body feel and loves to share that experience with other people.  Olive is very knowledgeable about Pilates as she has spent many years  working behind the scenes guiding clients into suitable classes before she became a teacher. She loves helping people, seeing and hearing their success stories and watching their individual journeys.  Olive is certified through STOTT Pilates® in Essential and Intrmediate Matwork and Essential and Inermediate Reformer. 

Olive is a Yukoner true and true, she was born and raised here in the great white north! She has always loved working with children and is an Educational Assistant at Jack Hulland. She is dog person, and when she isn’t loving on Tifi and Cocoa, she is all about her little Mabel. She loves travelling and exploring new places, learning and trying new things. Although Olive is starting a new chapter which doesn’t involve administration, she is excited to continue to be connected to the studio. But most of all she is excited to bring coffee to work now (Ann hates coffee)!

Penny Kosmenko – Certified Pilates Teacher

Penny is a long time Yukoner having moved here in 1970 – she likes to say she came for Rendezvous and forgot to leave! Penny still lives in the same family home in the country with her husband Ed where they raised their two daughters.

Penny discovered Pilates through family and friends extolling its virtues and decided to give it a try which resulted in her becoming a dedicated Pilates practitioner. She’s not sure what took her so long, but then again she doesn’t have a cell phone either!

Penny is a STOTT Pilates® certified instructor in both matwork and reformer and is an ardent supporter of Seniors Pilates. She believes that as we age we must keep our bodies strong, mobile and flexible and Seniors Pilates gives us a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment to do just that. She is looking forward to sharing her love and commitment of Pilates with other seniors.

Becoming a certified STOTT Pilates® instructor and teaching is Penny’s idea of retirement!

Penny Perrault – Certified Pilates Teacher

Penny moved to the Yukon 20 years ago first living in Faro and then moving to Whitehorse. She became involved in fitness after the birth of her second child and decided she wanted to continue her health and wellness journey by becoming a CanFit Pro Fitness Specialist and Personal training specialist. Penny is also a Yoga Alliance 200 Hr-RYT Instructor.

Penny was introduced to Pilates at the studio about three years ago and knew immediately it was something she wanted to add it to her teaching repertoire.

Penny enjoys biking, hiking and taking & attending fitness related training whenever possible. Penny is a teacher at Vanier Catholic School. 

Penny is certified with STOTT Pilates® in both matwork and reformer. 

Rebel Morrison – Certified Pilates Teacher

Rebel is a STOTT Pilates® certified Pilates Practitioner with over five years teaching experience.  Rebel is an extremely imaginative teacher who rarely teaches the same class twice, she teaches a wide range of clients and has an extremely loyal following here at the studio. Rebel is continuously upgrading her education and certification and clients will benefit from her increased knowledge in the following areas:

  • Athletic Conditioning, both matwork & apparatus
  • Rotational Disc Pilates
  • Intensive Sculpting Challenges
  • Superior Balance Pilates
  • Pilates with Props, including the medicine ball and foam roller

Rebel is a born and bred Yukoner who loves helping her husband on his trapline! She is passionate about Pilates and feels that ‘Pilates can help all different sizes and shapes and fitness levels’. Rebel’s classes are much sought after and fill quickly.


Cocoa Bean Asquith, known as Cocoa was named by Ann’s granddaughter, Olivya, who was present at her birth. Cocoa has lovely brown curly hair with green eyes and Olivya thought that she looked like the colour of hot cocoa. Cocoa is one of Tifi’s puppies and like her mother, has taken to Pilates like a Pro! Cocoa can be seen practising her Downward Dog most days of the week in the studio – she doesn’t realise it is a Yoga move!


Multifidus Asquith, better known as Tifi is a Golden Doodle i.e. she is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. Tifi is named after the multifidus muscle which fills the groove that runs on either side of the spinous processes of the vertebrae of the spinal column.  Ann would like you to know that she did not name Tifi but now that she is named, she cannot think of another name which would suit Tifi better!  Tifi works almost every day at the studio and invariably every client coming through the door will greet her before they greet anyone else.  She is very shy and likes to approach you rather than vice versa; however, once she has met you – you are her friend for life!  Tifi has been studying Pilates since she was eight weeks old and is now practicing at an intermediate level.